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Upper Receiver



Our lower receiver made waves when it was released. We have followed it up with our light weight upper receiver.

This receiver is designed with the same attention to detail and drive to make the best receiver available. We have hit our targets expertly with this one. The receiver maintains excellent strength by the use of the “external framework” we burned into the receiver. The X’s in the side form the framework that give it strength and stiffness while shedding the excessive weight associated with the AR platform.

As our products are expected to excel in every aspect, our upper receiver has a burnished bore. Whats that? Its a process that allows us to cold forge the inner diameter to an exacting tolerance and leave a perfect surface finish in the process. Sounds too good to be true, right? It gets better. The burnishing process increases the fatigue strength of aluminum by a factor of 3! This is the best upper receiver you can buy.

Our products don’t just hit their design targets, they exceed them. Our upper receivers are available with the Tactiblack Nickel finish we use on all our rifles. This is particularly ground breaking in use with the upper receiver because of the operating environment of the bolt carrier group. With dirt, grease, hot carbon and a bolt carrier flying back and forth, you need the best possible finish and materials you can get. Tactiblack nickel will blast past your expectations. This plating is tougher than the popular nickel boron. It has an incredibly low coefficient of friction, which means the most adverse environments are no issue.