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When it comes to light weight rifles, ours are superior because we take a fundamentally different approach to design and manufacturing. Rather than simply follow the design standards that proceeded us, we step out of the “box” and design our rifles to break the rules for how an AR should feel and function. Not only is our design and testing process setting a new standard, our manufacturing process breaks the industry rules for acceptable variations by holding a higher standard in fit, finish, and function. We take pride in every single rifle we make. All rifles are made in our Milton, Wisconsin facility by one person from start to finish. Our CNC equipment is extremely accurate, far and above the typical machines used in the industry. Our process also differs in what we consider to be an acceptable part. While many manufacturers try to hide imperfections (even those that don’t effect function) by heavy bead blasting or coating, we will not let a part pass unless it is correct in EVERY aspect. If you are ready to try a truly standard breaking rifle, Ox Firearms is where you need to be.

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