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A new standard for the AR platform has arrived. Weighing in at a mere 5.75lbs, the Trollen makes you run lighter, shoot faster, and fight harder.
A New Standard in Durability
With more durability than your mothers cast iron pan, the Tactiblack nickel finish on our rifles will repel dirt and carbon while taking the harshest abuse of steel mags or sandy and gritty environments. Testing has shown the Tactiblack nickel finish to exceed the popular nickel boron finishes applied to bolt carriers. This means no lubrication, faster cycling, more dependability and longer lifetime. Is your current AR being left in the dust? Drop it and grab an Ox AR.
A New Standard in Ergonomics
Nothing is truly battle ready unless it can work seamlessly with the operator. Ox AR rifles feature trigger finger placement scallops on the forward sides of the trigger guard so you won’t accidentally drop the mag when off target. We also thought about the need to fight in cold temperatures, so we added increased room in the trigger guard for those gloves you use in the winter. Don’t let snowflakes freeze you out, wear some gloves and fight, your Ox rifle will have your back.
A New Standard in Accuracy
When the stress hits, you want a gun that will hit the target without hesitation. We use Criterion barrels in our rifles, because if it doesn’t hit the target, it’ll make you dead weight. Don’t get slowed down by missing your target, gain the advantage by hitting the target every-time. Criterion’s chrome lined barrels will outlast anything else while punching the dead center of the target, just for kicks. Forget the bland norms of the firearms industry, accept no less than the best. War doesn’t have second place winners, why should you?
A New Standard in Reliability
Intensity defines every aspect of shooting, whether in battle, competition or hunting. Can your rifle handle the intensity? Can it run reliably? An Ox AR will handle the intensity of the worst heat, cold and dirt you can throw at it. When the environment tries to drag you down, the Lantac M-Spec bolt carrier will run with ease and outperform everything around it. Reliability is standard, we add in longevity and durability to ensure your firearm is running at it’s peak.