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Sniper is a light weight AR pattern hunting rifle designed to take game at long range. Chambered in 6.5 Grendel, it is ideal for taking small to medium sized game at long ranges.

If you enjoy long range hunting, then you know what its like. You know the feeling of carrying your precision rifle a long way to your hideout. The journey is arduous when carrying 10-12 pounds of rifle and optics. Mountains and hills make this far more difficult. However, you no longer need to sacrifice added weight for precision. The ØRN | Sniper is a light weight AR designed for long range hunting.

The Receivers

The foundation of the rifle is our ØRN lightweight lower and upper receivers.  This receiver is the culmination of 3 years of development.  By focusing on redesigning the AR lower from the ground up, the ØRN contains only the material absolutely necessary to maintain significant strength.  While many “light weight” receivers shed weight by skeletonization, the ØRN receiver maintains the closed system that makes the AR such a dependable rifle in a variety of environments.

Furthermore, the ØRN lower receiver features a flared magazine well to aid in reloads during high stress scenarios in hunting, competing or during self defense or Mil/Leo scenarios.

Relief for the trigger finger on the forward sides of the trigger guard enhance trigger finger placement when not on target. Our trigger guard is enlarged for use with gloves, because we know what its like to be left out in the cold. We accomplished without significantly lowering the trigger guard as many receivers have done.

The Barrel

The ØRN | Sniper features a lightweight BSF fluted carbon fiber barrel chambered in 6.5 Grendel. BSF Barrels are made in Wisconsin out of 416 stainless steel. They are super rigid and very light.

Smooth Cycling

All of Ox Firearms rifles feature JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring Systems.  The JP Spring System excels at significantly absorbing recoil and reducing muzzle rise.

Enhanced Controls

The ØRN | Sniper features a TriggerTech trigger. TriggerTech is simply the best trigger available. If you haven’t tried one yet, this is your chance.

The stock is a Luth-AR MBA-1. These stocks allow for extraordinary adjustment to fit the shooter perfectly, enabling faster time on target and better follow through.

Additional control features include an ambidextrous safety selector, an extended magazine release, and a B.A.D. Enhanced Bolt Catch.

In the mission to decrease bulk, titanium components have been selected to accomplish this task: Buffer Retaining Plug, Endplate (QD Mount), Castle Nut, Takedown Pins, Grip Screw and Ejection Port Door Rod.

The Sniper is shipped with two magazines and a Pelican case with custom cut foam.

All firearms MUST ship to an FFL.