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To all the law enforcement personnel, thank you!  To show our appreciation, we have designed the ØRN|Prowler to specifically suit the unique needs of officers.

The Receiver

The foundation of the rifle is our ØRN lightweight lower receiver.  This receiver is the culmination of 3 years of development.  By focusing on redesigning the AR lower from the ground up, the ØRN contains only the material absolutely necessary to maintain significant strength.  While many “light weight” receivers shed weight by skeletonization, the ØRN receiver maintains the closed system that makes the AR such a dependable rifle in a variety of environments.

Furthermore, the ØRN lower receiver features a flared magazine well to aid in reloads during high stress scenarios in hunting, competing or during Mil/Leo scenarios.  Relief for the trigger finger on the forward sides of the trigger guard enhances trigger finger placement when not shooting. Our trigger guard is enlarged for use with gloves. This is accomplished without significantly lowering the trigger guard as many receivers have done. Due to its lightweight design, the Prowler does not fatigue the operator during long sessions of holding it at the ready.

The ØRN lower receiver is paired with a Battle Arms Development upper receiver that is custom finished to match the lower receiver specifications.  Lightweight and contoured, the upper receiver flows perfectly with the ØRN lower.

The Barrel

The barrel on the Prowler is a 16” .223 Wylde Hybrid contour barrel made in Wisconsin by Criterion.  Unlike the pencil contour barrels on other ØRN rifles, the hybrid barrel has a thicker profile and increased mass which provides necessary strength when breaching doors and breaking windows.  In turn, thermal mass is also increased to absorb heat from sustained fire.

Smooth Cycling

All of Øx Firearms rifles feature JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring System.  The JP Spring System excels at significantly absorbing recoil and reducing muzzle rise.

Complimenting the JP SCSS is a FailZero EXO Nickel Boron bolt carrier group. The nickel boron plating significantly reduces sliding friction between the bolt and the carrier aswell as between the carrier group and the upper receiver. The reduced friction and fouling of this coating affords an unprecedented reliability in cycling when it really counts.

Enhanced Controls

The Prowler features a very smooth and crisp Timney competition trigger.

Flip-up iron sights are included so the operator can have ease of mind if the primary optic were to fail during target engagement.

All of Øx Firearms’ rifles are shipped with two Lancer magazines and a Pelican case with custom cut foam.



All firearms MUST ship to an FFL. NO sales to CA.

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 17 × 7 in
Rifle Weight

6 Lbs 6.4 oz


Black Anodize


223 Wylde


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