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ØRN | Matched Receiver Set



The ØRN lower receiver redefines the term lightweight.  At 6.8oz, one would be very hard pressed to find a lighter lower anywhere else (I’m not aware of any).  This receiver is the culmination of 3 years of development.  By focusing on redesigning the AR lower from the ground up, the ØRN contains only the material absolutely necessary to maintain significant strength.  While many “light weight” receivers shed weight by skeletonization, the ØRN receiver maintains the closed system that makes the AR such a dependable rifle in a variety of environments.

The ØRN lower receiver features a flared magazine well to aid in reloads during high stress scenarios while maintaining compatibility with common mag couplers.  The trigger guard was designed as large as possible without exceeding the standard external form of the AR15.  Relief for the trigger finger on the forward sides of the trigger guard aids in enhanced trigger finger control when wearing gloves.

Vertical and horizontal detent holes on both sides of the ØRN receiver allows each shooter to configure the components as they prefer, despite right or left-handedness.  The takedown pin holes also have vertical detent holes, making it possible to remove the takedown pin while retaining the buffer tube and end-plate.  Furthermore, all the takedown detent holes are threaded for set screws to prevent the springs from flying off during disassembly.

We have paired our lower receiver with an upper receiver made by Battle Arms Development. The light weight upper receiver works very well with our receivers. We have the upper receivers anodized with our lower receivers to ensure a truly perfect match.

The ØRN receiver is the foundation for all of our rifles!