ØRN | Matched Receiver Set | Black Nickel

Light weight, precision machined 7075-T651 aluminum receiver. TactiBlack Nickel Finish

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The ØRN lower receiver redefines the term light weight.

At 6.8oz, one would be very hard pressed to find a lighter lower anywhere else (I’m not aware of any).  This receiver is the culmination of 3 years of development.  By focusing on redesigning the AR lower from the ground up, the ØRN contains only the material absolutely necessary to maintain significant strength.  While many “light weight” receivers shed weight by skeletonization, the ØRN receiver maintains the closed system that makes the AR such a dependable rifle in a variety of environments.

Our upper receiver is fine tuned to match the lower for incredible weight savings without sacrificing strength. The BCG raceway is roller burnished to size, which increases the fatigue resistance SIGNIFICANTLY aswell as leaving a bore that is extremely round and straight. While this step adds time to the manufacturing process, we won’t back down on our commitment to making the BEST receivers available.

Innovative finish for mind blowingly smooth cycling

This receiver has black nickel plating. It is an incredible finish. The plating is extremely corrosion resistant and has extreme lubricity. When combined with a nickel boron BCG, it gives the gun a glass smooth action. If you haven’t seen this finish yet, you need to come check it out. Dirt, powder, grease, carbon fouling… None of it sticks to the finish. It wipes right off.

Ergonomics to make fast operation second nature

The ØRN lower receiver features a flared magazine well to aid in reloads during high stress scenarios while maintaining compatibility with common mag couplers.  The trigger guard was designed as large as possible without exceeding the standard external form of the AR15.  Relief for the trigger finger on the forward sides of the trigger guard aids in enhanced trigger finger control when wearing gloves.

Configurability to match any setup

Vertical and horizontal detent holes on both sides of the ØRN receiver allows each shooter to configure the components as they prefer, despite right or left-handedness.  The takedown pin holes also have vertical detent holes, making it possible to remove the takedown pin while retaining the buffer tube and end-plate.  Furthermore, all the takedown detent holes are threaded for set screws to prevent the springs from flying off during disassembly.


The ØRN receiver is the foundation for all of our rifles!

Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 2 in
Receiver Weight



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