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We are no longer including an optic and magnifier due to supply shortages.

This is by far our most popular model. This rifle truly is the exotic super car of firearms.


The ØRN | Predator is designed for the shooter looking for a light rifle to bring to battle or competition.  Featuring a Lancer Carbon Fiber Handguard and a BSF Carbon Fiber Barrel, the ØRN | Predator is exceptionally light. The Predator includes a Blue Force Tactical padded sling and two QD sling swivels. Everything is packaged neatly in a pelican iM3100 case with custom cut foam. This is an awesome rifle package that begs to be shot!

The Receivers

The foundation of the rifle is our ØRN lightweight lower and upper receivers.  This receiver is the culmination of 3 years of development.  By focusing on redesigning the AR lower from the ground up, the ØRN contains only the material absolutely necessary to maintain significant strength.  While many “light weight” receivers shed weight by skeletonization, the ØRN receiver maintains the closed system that makes the AR such a dependable rifle in a variety of environments.

This receiver has black nickel plating. It is an incredible finish. The plating is extremely corrosion resistant and has extreme lubricity. When combined with a nickel boron BCG, it gives the gun a glass smooth action. If you haven’t seen this finish yet, you need to come check it out. Dirt, powder, grease, carbon fouling… None of it sticks to the finish. It wipes right off.

Furthermore, the ØRN lower receiver features a flared magazine well to aid in reloads during high stress scenarios in hunting, competing or during Mil/Leo scenarios.  Relief for the trigger finger on the forward sides of the trigger guard enhances trigger finger placement when not shooting. Our trigger guard is enlarged for use with gloves. This is accomplished without significantly lowering the trigger guard as many receivers have done.

Precision Barrel

The ØRN | Predator features a BSF Carbon Fiber barrel chambered in .223 Wylde and manufactured in Wisconsin (available in 14.5″ with permanently attached muzzle brake, or, 16″ with torqued muzzle brake).  BSF barrels excel at dissipating heat quickly due to the jacketing method which allows air to exit through the ported slots in the carbon fiber sleeve instead of remaining trapped between the carbon fiber and the steel barrel.  The optimal performance of these lightweight barrels make them a great choice for our rifles.

Smooth Cycling

All of Øx Firearms rifles feature JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring Systems.  The JP Spring System excels at significantly absorbing recoil and reducing muzzle rise.  Despite the light weight design of the Predator, the recoil is not increased, thanks to this incredible spring design.

Enhanced Controls

Featuring a TriggerTech Flat Adaptable Trigger, the ØRN | Predator, excels at accuracy and precision.  The two stage trigger provides a crisp, zero-creep break, and short reset.

Additional control features include an ambidextrous safety selector, an extended magazine release, and an enhanced bolt catch.

In the mission to reduce weight, titanium components have been selected to accomplish this task: Buffer Retaining Plug, Endplate (QD Mount), Castle Nut, Takedown Pins, Grip Screw, and Ejection Port Door Rod.


All of Ox Firearms’ rifles are shipped with two Lancer magazines and a Pelican case with custom cut foam.


  • Øx Firearms ØRN Receiver
  • BSF Carbon Fiber Barrel Chambered in 223 Wylde
  • Lancer Carbon Fiber Hand Guard
  • Triggertech Flat Face Adaptable Trigger
  • Ambi Safety Selector
  • Enhanced Bolt Catch
  • Enhanced Mag Release
  • FailZero EXO NiB Black BCG
  • Radian Raptor-SL Charging Handle
  • Ti Takedown Pins
  • Ti Endplate with QD Mount
  • Ti Castle Nunt
  • Magpul K2+ Grip
  • Magpul ACS-L Stock
  • JP Silent Captured Spring System
  • OSS Banner Muzzle Brake


All firearms MUST ship to an FFL. NO sales to CA.

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 17 × 7 in

223 Wylde

Barrel Length

14.5", 16"

Rifle Weight

5 Lbs 10 oz


Black Anodize

Shipping Weight

27 Lbs


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