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What makes us different?

We strive to provide the most innovative products on the market. We achieve that goal by looking at everything out side the box. Where the industry would approach one problem through the same well trodden path, we look for other paths that bring us to a far superior product even if it takes longer and is more difficult to produce. 

Machined in Cutting Edge CNC Machines

A large portion of the firearms industry uses horizontal tombstone style mills to produce the same boring milspec style receivers. These systems don’t allow for the level of accuracy and complexity that you get with our process. We use 5 Axis DMG Mori CNC machining centers so that our parts are 95% completed in ONE setup. This unparralleled capability affords us the capacity to make cuts that simply aren’t possible on traditional 3 axis systems. The results are firearms that are lighter, stronger, and more user friendly than any milspec style firearms.

Designed for speed

Our Rifles are the culmination of 3 years of development. We have poured our time into developing the lightest AR receiver without sacrificing the closed system that makes the AR platform so dependable. Our receiver set weighs in at 6.8oz without any skeletonization! 

Designed to be second nature

Our rifles are designed to become an extension of your body. This means faster target acquisition time. Faster mag changes. Faster weapon swaps. Faster barricade movements. 

How do we achieve this?

First and foremost, we make our firearms light weight. A heavy firearm will slow everything down. It’s simple physics. 

Next we redesigned the area around the mag release and the forward faces of the trigger guard. We placed scallops on the forward sides of the trigger guard to make finger placement when not firing more intuitive. It is not uncommon for the shooter to place their finger on the magazine release when they remove it from the trigger. This causes accidental mag drops when under stress. We alleviated this problem and made safe trigger finger placement second nature. 

Our magazine well has been flared and beveled to speed mag changes under adverse conditions. The angle used is low and the flare goes well into the mag well to increase the ease of capture even under insertion at a poor angle. 

TactiBlack Nickel Finish

Our rifles feature the TactiBlack Nickel Finish. This finish can be described in two words: Ground Breaking. 

This finish is an electroless nickel alloy that is used in conjunction with a molecular sealer. The results are astounding… 

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Added Structural Strength
  • Non-Stick
  • Extremely Low Coefficient of Friction

This finish has been shown to even surpass the capabilities of the well known nickel-boron used in bolt carrier groups.  The benefits of TactiBlack Nickel cannot be understated. 

If your running your rifle hard in tough environments, this is the finish you need. We have tested this finish with GI style metal mags in hot sandy environments. Where the typical hard anodized receivers wore through, the nickel held firm and barely showed any signs of use. 

We have run these guns completely dry with no issues in cycling at all. The nickel has an incredibly low coefficient of friction, which allows for oil free operation even in the most in hospitable environments.